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Sophie Glikson moved from Paris to Boston in 1982 to study Expressive Arts Therapy. This path of inquiry led to an artistic awakening. Since then, painting has been a source of awareness and fascination. Emotion and creative transformation inspire her art. Colors mirror the inner landscapes of the moment, and interacting with the colors guides her art making. Sophie's artwork is semi-abstract and evocative of internal spaces.

She works in a variety of mediums including gouache, oil stick, and mixed media. She has been exhibiting in the New England area since 1984. In 2006, Sophie received an honorable mention from the juried exhibit and auction, 'Gift of Art for Aids', in Arlington, MA.

Sophie's research interests include awakening consciousness and transformation through creativity. She believes, as an artist and healer, that we impact our world with even the smallest action. The ripple effect, caused from the vibration of the art making process, naturally radiates and cultivates transformation within both artist and observer. Her hope is to nourish the seeds of true understanding and serenity.

Sophie's education includes Masters in Expressive Art Therapies from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA and in Clinical Psychology from France. She is a psychotherapist and creative art therapist in private practice in Medford, MA. For more information please refer to AHPA.

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